Crafting Personalized Ceremonies For Marking All the Transitions of Your Encircled Life

Ceremony and ritual mark the major transitional turning points in our lives and awaken that which is eternal within us; shows us how our individual life is part of a much grander design.

Welcome. You are here because you are looking for a professional officiant; someone whom you can trust in compassionately guiding you to create ceremony that honors you, your relationships and your circle of life. I am a Certified Lifecycle Celebrant specializing in Weddings, Healings, Transitions, Funerals, and Memorials.

COVID-19 has caused many people to delay celebrating milestones, weddings, and memorial ceremonies honoring loved ones. Much of the planning and preparation for your special event can begin now and I will work with you on an open ended date for officiating your ceremony.

Congratulations on your engagement! Your wedding is the culmination of your unique and beautiful love story. A well-crafted and skillfully presented ceremony that focuses on your story will swell hearts, inspire laughter, and bring tears of joy to all in attendance. We will work together to create a unique one-of-a-kind ceremony that will be the highlight of your event and live long in the memories of family and friends.

With the knowledge I have gained through the extensive study of ceremony and ritual across all cultures, beliefs and traditions I stand ready to collaborate with those who deserve to tell their story of change, their personal evolution, recognize their guides, demonstrate their intentions and express how they and their communities have been changed.

As a trained Celebrant I can help you create sacred space, honor the life of the beloved, and usher them through their transition with compassion, beauty, and grace.  Compassion is the essential ingredient in my craft.  It is being connected with someone else; not always to suffer, but to suspend all judgements and live at that instant with you as I help create a life-affirming ceremonies. Together we will weave yours and your loved one’s physical, emotional and spiritual elements into a process that honors and serves everyone involved.

“We had a need and you delivered! The service for Jeff was a wonderful celebration and honored him perfectly.”

Tara Marquard, Annapolis, MD

“Kevin brought out family together and helped us to connect to each other as never before. He was really in sync with our emotions and helped us create a ceremony that was both a heartfelt remembrance, and an inspiring legacy we could incorporate into our lives going forward.”

Michael Sacks, Columbia MD

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