About Me

My name is Kevin Butler and I started this journey, unexpectedly, six years ago when my family asked that I create and deliver the eulogy for my father.

From there I was approached by other family and friends asking that I officiate funerals for them. I discovered that collaborating with people in creating memorial ceremonies was immensely satisfying and very healing. I helped others in voicing grief while celebrating life. This set the stage for me to stumble upon the Celebrant Foundation and Institute and learn that there was a name for people who conducted ceremonies, not only for funerals, but for marking all of life’s milestones. And so it was that I was drawn to study with the Institute and follow this path.


Throughout life I have had the good fortune to engage and work with a widely diverse public. I received a degree in Communications and Theater and, after a career in management, served with the National Park Service as a Park Ranger for 14 years. There I guided visitors’ experiences, bringing to life and imparting fresh understanding to some of our nation’s most iconic natural and cultural resources.

I have always believed in the value of service. As a volunteer, I have mentored foster care youth entering colleges and universities, and provided career guidance to people seeking public service positions in land and resource management. I currently lead two small groups; Sober Spirit — a group for people in recovery from addictions, and Encircled Life — a group exploring together ways to live more contemplatively. An ordained inter-faith minister, I honor all philosophies, beliefs and traditions – religious, spiritual, secular, inter-faith and multi-cultural.

As a Life-Cycle Celebrant®, I have been trained and certified by the Celebrant Foundation and Institute, where I gained expertise on the theory and structure of a multitude of rituals. Celebrants collaborate with clients to create and perform personalized ceremonies inspired by the clients’ beliefs, philosophy and needs.

Ceremonies help us mark the transitions in our lives and move us into the next phase of our journey with consciousness, meaning and connection. Let’s work together and create unique rituals to honor any threshold you are stepping through.