Celebrations of Life

My friend Ed was diagnosed with a very difficult cancer. He knew he didn’t have much time, the doctors said maybe a year, maybe more. Ed was okay with it. He had a good life, great friends, always surrounded by love and laughter. What did bother him about dying, was that he would miss the party, the celebration with all of his dear friends and family when they finally gathered together and said goodbye to him.

Ed really enjoyed a good party, and he was determined that we, and he, didn’t have to wait for him to die for a Celebration of Life. What a party he had! So much laughter remembering the antics, even the struggles, as we shared with him the arc of his life in stories, music, and pictures.

As a certified Funeral Celebrant I can assist you if, like Ed, you don’t want to be left out of your memorial. I will work with you to craft ritual and ceremony that will leave your loved ones, and you, warm in the embrace of your life.

Ed’s invitation to his Celebration of Life