Ceremonies Across The Life-Cycle

The Bean, Chicago

Individuals who choose to mark important life transitions publicly with a rite of passage through ceremony and ritual are following in the footsteps of our ancestors.

Throughout known human history, many cultures marked significant life changes with rites of passage that served as initiation into the next stage of life. These ceremonial rites were historically accompanied by great preparation, intensely charged rituals, and a welcoming by the community of that member’s new status.

Although the birthday party, baptism, marriage, and New Year’s Eve are all familiar rites of passage ceremonies, they do not hold the same meaning that these threshold crossings had for our ancestors; instead they are done by rote, by habit, or by conforming to social norms. 

If you wish to express greater meaning in your life by formally recognizing your life’s milestones, or those of your family, calling on a Life-Cycle Celebrant trained in the art of ceremony to help you create your unique expression of passage is empowering.

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