Civic and Community Ceremonies

We are community.  It is ingrained in our species.  From the beginning of time we humans have gathered together for our very survival. We sought safety and security in community. Humans still gather today in communities, not just for survival, but for enriching our lives in many other ways.

We celebrate achievements together; we mourn loss together; we protest together for change or for preservation, and we feel safe together.  All these things that we do together, as a community, are intrinsically valuable in creating that community.  Too often we gloss over or find reasons not to celebrate these important events, activities and milestones in our shared communal experience.

There are so many opportunities to celebrate together. Marking events with ritual and ceremony emphasizes the intentionality of our communal spirit and creates connection.

First Night to safely bring the community together in celebrating the New Year, Farmer’s Market openings to celebrate a new season of harvest, other seasonal festivals, marking historic events, the opening of a new civic building – – all these and more are reasons to gather and mark together in ceremony and celebration important community events, purposefully and wholly.

Whatever the occasion, as a celebrant skilled in ritual and ceremony, I will work with your community or civic association to mark those special shared events and cement them into the collective memory, enhancing communal identity and strengthening the bonds of togetherness so essential in building strong communities.