The Need for Ritual in Divorce

In our modern society we have familiar rituals for marking most major life transitions – birth, coming of age, graduation, marriage and death, to name a few.  What we do not have is a ritual to mark divorce.  After my own long and painful process of divorce I received the judge’s writ in the mail and thought to myself, “Is that it?”

A common thread in all ritual consists of defining an end to one phase of life, and providing a definition of self in entering into a new phase.  This threshold crossing, or gateway, has most often been accompanied by ritual in societies.  For divorce though, we have no period of mourning, no closure, and no community support that comes with the rituals for other life events.

Good rituals can enhance our emotional, spiritual health.  Personal, family and community rituals can focus on healing, communication, connections and renewal, and can bring closure to the separation process of divorce.  Without a meaningfully crafted ceremonial divorce ritual to facilitate the transition to a new beginning, an individual can become trapped in the betwixt-and-between, stuck in a transitional state, unable to see the promise of a new life that could be realized.

Personal, family and community rituals can assist the individual, couple, or family:

  • To create a safe, sacred space, with caring witnesses in support
  • To grieve the end of the marriage
  • To acknowledge the change in their social position
  • To acknowledge the transition for the family
  • To enter a new chapter of life

Let me guide you through the healing and transformative experience of creating your personal ritual of divorce, and making a healthy transition in order to re-enter the world with a new vision for the future.