Sometimes a big wedding, while wonderful occasions for both family and friends to celebrate your love and commitment as a couple, is not was a couple wants. Sometimes the pressures of planning, the expenses, even the invitation list can be overwhelming and a couple sits down, takes stock, and say, “Let’s elope!”

An elopement can be as casual as a quiet dinner together with a wedding for desert, or as crazy as getting married while wreck diving in Palau.

Virginia is for lovers and has many beautiful locations to cement your special bond together. Beaches, mountains, lush valleys and dramatic waterfalls can be found throughout the Commonwealth and provide gorgeous settings for your nuptials. Rich in historical sites, many iconic monuments, buildings, cities, and sites would symbolize the timelessness of your love. As a career Park Ranger, I have an intimate knowledge of Virginia’s national parks and historical sites and can be your resource for local getaway gems.

Whether close to home, atop the Eiffel Tower, or hiking the Kalalau Trail trail along Nā Pali Coast I can help you plan a quick getaway and collaborate with the symbols and words to express the perfect notes for the beginning of your beautiful symphony of life together.