Green Burial

Cool Spring Natural Cemetery, Berryville, VA

Green burial–sometimes called natural burial–is a way of caring for the dead with dignity and minimal environmental impact. Green burials use non-toxic and biodegradable caskets, shrouds, and urns and the body is not embalmed. Concrete vaults are not used. The land remains in a natural state which does not require the use of lawn fertilizers, pesticides or extensive landscaping. Natural grave markers, such as flat river stones, are used to mark the grave site. A cemetery may be dedicated to green burials only, or a section of a conventional cemetery may be set aside for green burials.

If a green burial is in keeping with your or your loved one’s philosophy in protecting the planet, I can help guide you through the process.  Together we can craft a graveside ceremony everyone present can be involved in as the embrace of the earth gathers her arms around loved one.