Healings and Transitions

When I started my journey to become a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant my intention was to help families and individuals seeking unique and personalized ways to mark life’s transitions which are so often ignored or glossed over with rote words and actions. Some of the most profound transformations in life can be found in the context of healing and transitions.

With the knowledge I have gained through the extensive study of ceremony and ritual across all cultures, beliefs and traditions I stand ready to collaborating with those who deserve to tell their story of change, their personal evolution, recognize their guides, demonstrate their intentions and express how they and their communities have been changed.

Life throws all kinds of challenges at us and when we meet them, overcome them or make peace with them we learn that being broken open by big life transitions has a much larger context. When you experience life altering transitions you deserve to express yourself in your own exclusive way. Be it through sustenance rituals, transition ceremonies, marking your incorporation into a new way of life, a validation ceremony, or celebrating a complete rite of passage, you deserve to beat your drum and shout out, “See me now. I am changed. I have become new. Join with me.”

Are you ready to join with me and let me serve as your guide to craft your elements into a ceremony, using ritual theory, creative brainstorming, and storytelling? For more information on the types of ceremony to consider view the drop-down menu for this category.