Home Funerals

Photo Courtesy of Donna Belk

While funeral homes and their directors are experts in the arrangements of funeral services, cremations, and burials, they are not the only solution.  In most every state the transportation, preparation, care, and burial of a body does not require the services of a funeral director.  In many states, the next-of-kin can even file the legal death certificate, after receiving the medical certificate of death.

Many people are returning to the way loved ones were laid to rest for generations by doing it themselves.  It is not just for financial or environmental reasons that people have moved back to the traditional home funeral.  Families caring for their own in a natural way can create an atmosphere of love, healing and gratitude. Thus the burden of loss is not only shared, it is lightened.

To mark the final passage of a dear one’s life in our homes is a great gift of love.  As a trained Celebrant I can help you to create a sacred space and honor the life of the beloved with compassion, beauty, and grace.  Together we will weave physical, emotional and spiritual elements into a ceremony that honors and serves everyone involved. If you would like to explore a home funeral, contact me. Let’s get together for a no-obligation meeting, and I can provide you with more information.

“Being able to set your own tempo, and choose where you want to be physically goes a long way to helping a family assimilate the changes that have occurred, and to treat their dead loved one with as much respect and concern as they are able. A home funeral allows and encourages this.”

— Donna Belk, Beyond Hospice and NHFA Founder