House Blessings

When you move into a new space, start fresh by clearing away the energies of the old and creating openness and space for your new beginnings. Taking time to create ceremony and rituals to bless your house is a chance to bring a joyous, sacred spirit into the space that you call home.

Your home is the place you will spend most of your time, a place of rest and nourishment, a respite from the world.  A house blessing is a beautiful way to add meaning to your personal sanctuary.  A house blessing can be a beautiful gift for a family moving into their new home too.

House blessings can be as simple as walking through each room with prayerful intentions or as involved as a party with friends, family, food, poetry, music, and dancing. Whatever you choose, a ritual crafted especially for you provides a unique way to set your intention for the kind of home you wish to create.

I can help you select rituals in crafting a ceremony designed to imprint your spiritual space and complete your vision of home.  We may use incense, candles, sound, water and earth; whatever ritual elements you may wish to employ to bless your unique haven.  Whether you are creating a new business in your home, starting a new relationship there or blending a new family in a new setting the blessing can encompass all that the home will hold.