Active Duty Military and Veteran’s Ceremonies

Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants in your community perform many kinds of ceremonies for military personnel and their loved ones, including ceremonies to commemorate enlistments, commissioning, promotions, deployments, homecomings, and retirement.

Military service is a life-changing commitment that some individuals make, and Celebrants recognize the importance of offering this service to one’s country. The various military branches mark important milestones of military life with unit ceremonies, and service men and women acknowledge the importance of these ceremonies. Celebrants offer ceremonies designed for individuals and their loved ones so that these milestones can also be celebrated in a more personalized manner.

It is not uncommon for babies to be born while the service member is far from home.  Publicly marking the entry of children into families once everyone is united is one of the most joyous celebrations military families can share and acknowledging responsibilities to children is one of the most serious commitments military families can undertake.

Military service is a shared experience of the service woman or man and their beloved community. Family and friends often feel overwhelming emotion when their loved one is on deployment. Therefore, taking the opportunity to mark these events before and after extended absence is important for the health and well being of military service people, their families and their communities.

I can be your resource in facilitating your visions of ceremony and to expertly craft meaningful rites of transition to ease military family members into their changing roles.