Pre-arranged Funeral Ceremonies

Have you thought about your own funeral? Who would write it? What elements are most important to you? Would you welcome the opportunity to work with a specialist to create the very ceremony you would want your loved ones to experience when you pass?

When a condition or illness brings the end of life close to us, there is a need to prepare, to begin the process of closure to our life here on Earth. Part of that planning can be the creation of ritual and ceremony for family and friends to celebrate your life. As a Certified Funeral Celebrant, I can help you to carefully craft a eulogy, and create a ceremony with music, quotes, readings, and unique symbols and rituals, including, if appropriate, military honors.

This is your opportunity to create your Legacy statement, to write, in your own words, those things that you wish to say to the people who will gather for your ceremony. Who do you wish to say “good-bye” to? Do you have personal, individual messages for those people? What favorite memories do you wish to share? What values or words of wisdom would you like to impart to those gathered?  What favorite photos would you want to be shown at your ceremony?

As a professional in crafting rituals and ceremonies, I can help you create a memorable tribute of your own choosing. Call me for a no-obligation meeting and I will provide further details of how I can assist you and guide you through this wonderfully creative and deeply reflective process.