Welcome to Encircled Life Ceremonies. You are here because you have reached a fork in the road, a milestone in your life, and you have a need to mark it in some significant way.  You are looking for a professional officiant, someone whom you can trust in guiding you to create ceremony that honors you, your relationships, your circle of life. 

Too often important life transitions are marked with cookie-cutter rites, glossed over, or worse, ignored. Ceremony and ritual, to paraphrase Melody Beattie, helps us make sense of our past, gives us a sense of peace for today, and provides us with a new vision for our future.

As a Certified Life Cycle Celebrant® I believe that life is full of transitions to be marked in a significant way – to be celebrated.  Whether you’re getting married, creating a family, passing through an important life stage or remembering a loved one, I can be your guide, together creating a ceremony that honors you and your relationships, that creates intimacy, appreciation, and connection for you, your loved ones, your community.

An ordained minister of the Universal Brotherhood Movement, I honor all religious and spiritual traditions. My ministry follows the path of service and sharing in the great moments of human life, whether of crises or celebration to bring comfort and a blessing.


In 2018, I received my Celebrancy diploma from the Celebrant Foundation and Institute, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to training the highest quality celebrants. Celebrants are a new kind of officiant, one who provides personalized ceremonies to individuals, couples, families and communities, no matter what their beliefs. The goal is always to reflect the clients’ beliefs, values and traditions; the celebrant’s own views are immaterial in this process.  We are highly trained in the art of ritual, ceremony, world and faith traditions, ceremonial writing, public speaking and presentation.